Sakawa – Cyber crime in Ghana

This paper investigates the prevalence of cybercrimes (caled ‘sakawa’) in Ghana and examines its forms and implications. Using qualitative approach, we explore efforts by organizations and government agencies in Ghana towards curtailing cybercrimes in terms of apprehension, prosecution, reporting, and law enforcement. Findings from our research showed that although awareness of cyber crimes is on the increase, the crimes mostly go unreported. The Ghana Police Service which is the organ of government responsible for arresting and prosecuting cyber criminals also lack the technical know-how and adequate legal support to effectively discharge their duties.

We recommend that a multistakeholder effort and appropriate technical training for the Police and supportive legislation are required. For online financial transactions, developing strategies which incorporate offline business qualification requirements may be the necessary starting point. Since the perpetrators are young and have some degree of technical competence to commit computer-related crimes. This brings to question the need for appropriate youth development programs which utilize their technical competencies. In future research, we will explore how social theories in criminology can assist in understanding the behavior and intention of both the victim and perpetrators in cyber crime.

Boateng. R., Longe, O., Isabalija, R.S. and Budu, J. (2011) ‘SAKAWA’ – The Forms of Cyber Crime in Ghana, Journal of Information Technology Impact, 11(2), pp. 85-100.

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5 Responses to "Sakawa – Cyber crime in Ghana"

  1. Asensu Mensah says:

    Although this course is yet to be lectured I am imaging how interesting it will be
    Asensu Mensah
    MBA Regular
    UGBS 609 SESSION 8

  2. Sir,

    The problem is that most of the security agencies have not very good in IT to track these perpetuaters esp. the hackers. The need to be educated more on criminology. What do you think?

  3. richard kotey(10337053) says:

    i think that internet cafe operators should be included in the fight against cyber-crime in Ghana. this is because most cyber-criminals do not use their personal computers for such acts since they know it can be traced(using ip address).they use cafes for their acts which makes it difficult to locate them since cafes are public places. my advice is that ,internet cafe operators should be well informed of how such criminal activities happen so they will be on the lookout. security features can be placed in internet cafes the will prevent people from performing such acts in them…this may include installation of CCTV cameras, placing notices and posters in cafes indicating that illegal activities are not permitted in such premises, installing softwares on computers that can monitor and report fraudulent activities..

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